With vCloud Automation Center Application Services, you can model your application deployment, create dependencies, and edit the application configurations.

The tasks you have completed so far in this use case must be performed so that anyone in your organization using Application Services has a cloud target to which they can deploy an application. The applications you create using Application Services typically consist of multiple tiers. For example, a three-tier application consisting of a Web server front-end, an application server in the middle-tier, and a database in the back-end. Each application tier can use a different operating system, as well as have different services installed.

In practice you would develop each tier within an application and map it to a guest operating system. For the purpose of this use case scenario, we assume that the application components have been created by the application architect, and are available for you to add to the application blueprint created in the following task. The following procedure outlines the high level steps necessary to create an application component.

Log in to Application Service with a user account that has the application architect role ROLE_APP_ARCHITECT assigned to it.


Open a Web browser and log into Application Services as a user with the application architect role for ACME Corp.


Click Applications > Create New Application.


Type ACME-Application in the Name text box.


(Optional) Enter a description of the application in the Description text box.


Select ACME Corp Development in the Business Group drop-down menu. This is the business group that has ownership of the application.


Select Private in the Sharing drop-down menu to specify the sharing status of the application.

This restricts access of the ACME-Application to members of the ACME Corp Development organization.


Click Save.

Create an application blueprint from which to deploy your application. See Create an Application Blueprint.