Application Services registers a cloud provider by connecting to a vCloud Director instance and organization. As the cloud administrator for ACME Corp, you will register a cloud provider for the ACME Corp Development organization.

A vCloud Automation Center business group associates users with a set of services and resources, often corresponding to a business, department, or other organizational unit. Each business group can have access to one or more vCloud Automation Center blueprints used to request machines. These blueprints can belong to one or more business groups.

In this task, you will register a cloud provider and associate it with the ACME Corp Development organization.

Verify that the user account has the ROLE_CLOUD_ADMIN cloud administrator role assigned to it.


Open a Web browser and log into vCloud Director as the cloud administrator for ACME Corp.


Click Applications > Clouds > Cloud Providers.


Click New to create a new cloud provider.


Complete the cloud provider information.


Type vCAC 6.1 Provider for ACME Development in the Description field.

Include the vCloud Director organization name in either of these fields. The text from these fields appears in the Deployment Profile wizard under the Cloud Provider column.


Select vCAC 6.1 for the Cloud Provider type.


Type for the cloud hostname.

The cloud IP or host name must match the IP address or host name of the vCloud Director instance.


Select ACME Corp Development from the Business Group drop-down menu.


Type credentials for an organization user with organization administrator privileges for that organization.

This user must not be the vCloud Director system administrator.


Click Save to register the cloud provider.

The cloud provider vCAC 6.1 Provider for ACME Development is registered and available for use in Application Services.

Create a deployment environment to deploy an application to the vCloud Director environment. See Create a vCloud Director Deployment Environment.