vCloud Suite lets you build and operate software-defined data centers based on vSphere. vCloud Suite contains components that must be integrated to deliver IT as a service.

You download, install, and configure vCloud Suite components separately. When deployed and configured, the interoperable components enable the software-defined data center (SDDC), where resources are virtualized and available as a service. Control of the data center is fully automated by software, and hardware configuration is maintained through software systems. vCloud Suite makes it possible for workloads to run in private, public, or hybrid clouds.

Individual products in vCloud Suite are delivered as either installation packages for Windows or Linux-based virtual appliances that you can deploy on ESXi hosts.

You can extend your vCloud Suite by using VMware vCloud Air as a second site in your datacenter environment. Use vCloud Suite together with with the vCloud Air to satisfy business needs such as business continuity and burst capacity.

vCloud Suite can serve the needs of different organizations, from SMBs to large enterprises and organizations in the public sector.

A vCloud Suite edition contains individual products with different versions. To ensure interoperability, you should verify that the components of your vCloud Suite environment are the correct versions.