You can find log information for the vCloud Air plug-in in the vSphere Web Client log file, a separate vCloud Air plug-in log file, or both, based upon the log file settings for your vCloud Air plug-in instance.

For information on log file settings, including adjusting log levels, see Using Log Files in Installing and Configuring the vCloud Air vSphere Client.


Go to the following directory.






C:\ProgramData\VMware\vSphere Web Client\serviceability\logs


The location of the VMware directory might vary based on the Windows OS version. Look for the VMware directory in the Application Data or Program Data folder.


View the log file that is being used for your vCloud Air plug-in instance.

The vSphere Web Client log file is named vsphere_client_virgo.log. Log information for the plug-in is identified by the prefix com.vmware.vcim.

The vCloud Air plug-in log file is named vCloudAir.log or the name that you specified. This file contains log information for the plug-in only.