The vCloud Air vSphere Client Plug-in lets you view and manage your vCloud Air resources in the vSphere Web Client. It provides another user interface for vCloud Air, one that lets you manage your public cloud resources from an on-premise application.


After you install the plug-in and register your vCloud Air account with it, you can view all your Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud instances from all regions. You can browse each cloud instance and manage its inventory of virtual data centers, virtual machines, gateways, networks, and templates. You can create new virtual data centers (in Dedicated Cloud instances), and manage gateways and networks. You can create new virtual machines from the templates in your vCloud Air catalogs, connect them to networks, and manage them from the plug-in.

With the vCloud Air plug-in installed in the vSphere Web Client, you also get a single pane of glass to manage both your on-premise data center and your public, vCloud Air resources.


You must have a vCloud Air account with an Account Administrator user role to register and use the plug-in.

Key features of the vCloud Air plug-in include the following.

The ability to set up your entire vCloud Air environment, in the same way that you set it up in the vCloud Air portal after you purchase resources.


Some commands that are available in the portal are not yet available in the plug-in. See Differences between the vCloud Air Plug-in and Portal for more information.

Storage Tiers

You can manage all your storage resources from the plug-in, including allocating multiple storage tiers to virtual data centers and virtual machines.

Disaster Recovery

If you purchase the vCloud Air Disaster Recovery service, you can manage your Disaster Recovery virtual data center from the plug-in.

Synchronization between the vCloud Air plug-in and portal

A notification service ensures that the plug-in and the portal are always synchronized. Any changes you make in the portal (with the same user name) are reflected in the plug-in. Similarly, any changes you make in the plug-in are reflected in the portal.

Integrated task management

Tasks for commands that you perform in the vCloud Air portal (with the same user name) appear in the Tasks panel in the vSphere Web Client along with tasks that you perform in the plug-in.

Access to the vCloud Air portal

From the plug-in, you can use the Manage in vCloud Air Portal link to access the vCloud Air portal. You can log in to the portal to perform tasks that are unavailable in the plug-in.

Single sign-on to vCloud Director

From the plug-in, you can use the Manage in vCloud Director UI link to access the vCloud Director instance underlying your cloud instance. You can use vCloud Director to perform advanced administrative tasks.