Use the vCloud Air plug-in installer to install the vCloud Air plug-in in vSphere Web Client 5.5 Update 1 or Update 2.

If there are any errors during installation, error messages appear in a yellow message bar at the top of the Getting Started page. You can also check the log files for information. See Using Log Files for information.

A My VMware account.

The installer uses your credentials to log in to My VMware and download the plug-in.

A vCenter Server account with Single Sign-on administrator privileges, such as administrator@vsphere.local.


If you use Active Directory to manage users, ensure that you do the following for the user account that you will use to install or upgrade the plug-in.


Add the Active Directory user as a member of an Active Directory group.


Add that Active Directory group as a member of the Administrators@vsphere.local group.

This is required to obtain the correct privileges for installing or upgrading the plug-in.

Internet connectivity from the vCenter Server.

Networking must be set up for the vCenter Server in such a way that it can connect to the Internet. The vCloud Air plug-in installer needs to connect to the My VMware REST API endpoints to download the plug-in. See "Installation failed" Error for troubleshooting information. Also see Connectivity Requirements.

If you need to go through a proxy server to reach My VMware, set proxy settings for the vSphere Web Client. See Specify Proxy Settings.


Log in to the vSphere Web Client with vCenter Server Single Sign-on administrator privileges, for example, as administrator@vsphere.local.


In the Home page, click the vCloud Air icon (Hybrid Cloud) under Inventories.

In vSphere Web Client 5.5 Update 1, the icon is named vCloud Hybrid Service.

The plug-in's Getting Started page appears.


If version 1.0.0 of the plug-in was previously installed, an error message appears in the yellow message bar at the top of the page. You must uninstall the 1.0.0 version before you can proceed. See Uninstalling vCloud Air Plug-in 1.0.0.


In the Getting Started page, click the Install the vCloud Air plug-in link under Basic Tasks.


In the dialog box, do the following.


Type your user name and password for My VMware.


Check the box to accept the Terms and Conditions.


Click Install.

When the download is complete, the following message appears in the message bar at the top of the Getting Started page: Log out and log back in to complete the installation.


If you get an Installation failed. Try installing again. error, verify that the vCenter Server can connect to the Internet. See "Installation failed" Error for troubleshooting information.


Log out of the vSphere Web Client and log in again. You can now log in with any user role.

You can click the Hybrid Cloud icon (vCloud Hybrid Service plug-in) in the Home page to use the plug-in.

Download the SSL certificate of the vCloud Air portal and add it to the trusted keystore of the vSphere Web Client. Then register your vCloud Air account with the plug-in.