You can delete gateways from virtual data centers. When you delete a gateway, all gateway networks associated with it are deleted. Network services such as NAT rules, firewall settings, and load balancing settings are also deleted.

You can delete gateways from virtual data centers in a Dedicated Cloud instance only. You cannot delete the gateway in a Virtual Private Cloud instance.


Display the virtual data center in which you want to add a gateway.


In the navigation pane on the left, navigate to vCloud Air Services.


Click Cloud Instances and select the cloud instance that contains the virtual data center.


Click the Related Objects tab, and click the Virtual Data Centers tab.


Double-click the virtual data center.


Click the Gateways tab, select the gateway that you want to delete and click the Delete Gateway icon (delete) at the top of the table.

If any virtual machines were connected to any of the deleted gateway's networks, connect them to other networks.