You allocate storage to a virtual data center when you create it. The amount and type of storage that you have purchased for the cloud instance, and your current allocations, determine your options. For Virtual Private Cloud instances, the storage that you purchase is already allocated to the virtual data center. Consider the capacity and performance needs of virtual machines in the virtual data center while allocating storage.

You can adjust the amount of storage allocated to a virtual data center at any time.

In the New Virtual Datacenter wizard, specify the storage allocation in the Edit Resources page.

You can select a Small, Medium, or Large configuration. The storage type defaults to the first storage tier listed in the Customize allocated resources list, which is the default storage profile selected in vCloud Director.

You can customize the resource allocation. Specify the amount of storage per storage tier.

All storage tiers that you purchased for the cloud instance are listed, as well as the amount of storage available for each tier.

For more information about creating a new virtual data center, see Create a New Virtual Data Center.