In the vCloud Air plug-in, you can view a list of all your vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud instances. You can view details about each instance, such as its available resources and the region in which it is based. You can also customize the list to display a subset of the information.

If you have subscribed to the vCloud Air Disaster Recovery service, your Disaster Recovery cloud instances also appear in the list of cloud instances.


In the vSphere Web Client Home page, under Inventories, click the Hybrid Cloud icon (vCloud Hybrid Service).


In the navigation pane on the left, click Cloud Instances.

All cloud instances associated with your vCloud Air account are displayed. You can view information about each instance. You can view the cloud instance name, its type, the geographic region in which it is based, and its available resources, including the number of available public IP addresses.


(optional) Customize your view of the cloud instance table.



To filter cloud instances

In the Filter field at the top-right of the table, type a name or partial name.

All columns of cloud instances are searched for a match.

To customize the filter, click the drop-down menu in the Filter field and select the columns you want to search.

To clear all filters

Click the delete filters icon next to the Filter field at the top-right of the table.

All cloud instances are displayed.

To hide or display columns


Click the drop-down menu in the Filter field at the top-right of the table and click Select Columns.


Select or deselect columns.


Click OK.