You can migrate a virtual machine's hard disk from one storage tier to another without any downtime, if its storage performance needs change. For example, if a higher than expected load is adversely affecting the performance of a virtual machine, you can migrate it to a higher-performance storage tier. The storage tiers allocated to the virtual data center determine your options.


You cannot change both the storage tier and the storage amount at the same time. Change one setting, save your changes, then change the other.


Display the virtual machine.


In the navigation pane on the left, navigate to vCloud Air Services.


Click Cloud Instances and double-click the cloud instance that contains the virtual machine.


In the Related Objects tab, click the Virtual Machines tab.


Double-click the virtual machine and, in the Summary tab, view the current settings under VM Settings.


Click Edit Settings.


In the Edit VM Settings dialog box, under Storage, select Edit Storage Tier of Disks.


Select the storage tier for the primary disk, and for any other disks that you want to migrate.

All storage tiers allocated to the virtual data center are listed.


Click OK.