If you no longer need disaster recovery protection for a virtual machine, you can stop its replication to vCloud Air.

You stop the replication from the source site using vSphere Replication. See Stop a Replication Task in the vSphere Replication for Disaster Recovery to Cloud documentation.

When you stop a replication, data is removed from both the source site and vCloud Air, if both sites are online and connected. If vCloud Air is offline or not connected when you stop the replication, replication data is not removed from vCloud Air. In this case, you must manually remove the replication from vCloud Air using either the vCloud Air plug-in or the vCloud Air portal.

When you remove a replication, if the virtual machine was already recovered, its status changes to Standard and it continues to appear in the Virtual Machines tab. It no longer appears in the Monitor tab.


In the vCloud Air plug-in, navigate to your Disaster Recovery cloud instance, then to the Disaster Recovery virtual data center.


Click the Related Objects tab, then click the Virtual Machines tab.


Select the virtual machine, right-click, and select All vCloud Air Plug-in Actions > Remove Replication.