You are the administrator of a vSphere-based virtual data center. You are running out of capacity and you decide to get additional resources in the public cloud. However, you want to manage your public cloud workloads using the same user interface that you use to manage your on-premise workloads.

You purchase resources in vCloud Air. Because you need to partition your public cloud resources into multiple virtual data centers for different departments in your company, you purchase resources in the Dedicated Cloud service. You then install the vCloud Air plug-in in vSphere Web Client. This allows you to use the vSphere Web Client to manage both your on-premise data center and your vCloud Air data centers.

Using the vCloud Air Plug-in


Get a vCloud Air account and purchase resources in the Dedicated Cloud service.


Install the vCloud Air plug-in in the vSphere Web Client.


Register your vCloud Air account with the plug-in.


View your Dedicated Cloud instance in the plug-in.


Create a virtual data center.


Create virtual machines from templates and connect them to networks.


Manage the virtual machines on vCloud Air from the vSphere Web Client.