You can view a list of all the virtual data centers in a cloud instance. You can view details such as resource allocation and consumption to determine where to create virtual machines, whether you need to change the resource allocation or VM Quota of a virtual data center, or whether you need to create new virtual data centers.


You can create new virtual data centers in a Dedicated Cloud instance only.


In the navigation pane on the left, navigate to vCloud Air Services and click Cloud Instances.


Select a cloud instance.


In the Related Objects tab, click the Virtual Datacenters tab.

All virtual datacenters in the cloud instance are displayed. For each virtual data center, you can view the allocated and available virtual CPU, storage, and memory resources.

You can customize your view of the object table by setting filters and selecting the columns to display.


To view specific information about a virtual data center or browse its inventory, double-click the virtual data center.