vCloud Air offers different types of storage for different storage needs. This allows you to use a tiered storage approach for your cloud instances. You can purchase multiple storage tiers and allocate them to your virtual data centers based on the storage performance needs of the virtual machines in the data centers.

Some virtual machines, such as database servers, require higher storage performance because of frequent I/0 access and changing data. Other virtual machines may not require high-performance storage and can use a lower-cost option.

vCloud Air offers two storage tiers.

SSD-Accelerated Storage Tier, a high-performance, higher-cost option

Standard Storage Tier, a lower-performance, lower-cost option

You can purchase either, or both, types of storage for a cloud instance and allocate it to virtual datacenters. You can select the type of storage for each virtual machine based on its performance requirements. You can migrate a virtual machine hard disk from one storage tier to another without any downtime, if your needs change. You can also select multiple storage tiers for a single virtual machine, by adding multiple hard disks to it and selecting a storage tier for each.

For more information about storage tiers in vCloud Air, see the vCloud Air documentation.