After you install the vCloud Air plug-in, its icon appears in the Home page of the vSphere Web Client, under Inventories. You can also access the plug-in by clicking vCloud Air Services in the navigation pane on the left.

When you access the plug-in, its Getting Started page appears. The plug-in has two top-level tabs. Installation and upgrade tasks are available in the Getting Started tab. Registration tasks are available in the Summary tab. You can access your vCloud Air inventories from the navigation pane on the left.

You have a user name and password for the vSphere Web Client.

The vCloud Air plug-in is installed in the vSphere Web Client.


Using a browser, log in to the vSphere Web Client.


In the Home page, click the Hybrid Cloud icon (Hybrid Cloud) under Inventories.

In vSphere Web Client 5.5 Update 1, the icon is named vCloud Hybrid Service.

The plug-in's Getting Started page appears.


If you have not yet registered your vCloud Air account with the plug-in, register it.

See Register Your vCloud Air Account for more information.