When you create a new virtual data center in a Dedicated Cloud instance, and you allocate at least one public IP address to it, a gateway is created automatically for the virtual data center. If you created a virtual data center without allocating any IP addresses to it, or if you need additional gateways, you can add gateways.

You can add gateways to virtual data centers in Dedicated Cloud instances only. You cannot add gateways to Virtual Private Cloud instances, which are pre-configured with one gateway.

When you create a gateway, a gateway network is also created and connected to the gateway.

By default, gateways are created with a compact configuration and have High Availability enabled.

You have network administrator privileges in vCloud Hybrid Service.


Display the virtual data center in which you want to add a gateway.


In the vCloud Hybrid Service Home page, click Cloud Instances in the left pane and select the cloud instance that contains the virtual data center.


Click the Related Objects tab, and click the Virtual Data Centers tab.


Double-click the virtual data center.


Click the Gateways tab and click the Add icon (add).


In the Add Gateway dialog box, type a name and description for the gateway.


Specify the number of public IP addresses that you want to allocate to the gateway.

You must allocate at least one public IP address, which will be used for the gateway IP.


Click OK.

The gateway is created and appears in the list of gateways. You can click on the gateway to view details such as the gateway IP address.