You can view details about a virtual machine, such as its guest operating system, guest OS settings, capacity, networks, and IP address.


Display the virtual machine.


In the vCloud Hybrid Service Home page, click Cloud Instances and double-click the cloud instance that contains the virtual machine.


In the Related Objects tab, click the Virtual Machines tab.

All virtual machines in the cloud instance are displayed.

You can customize your view by setting filters and hiding or selecting columns.


Double-click the virtual machine.


View information about the virtual machine.




Indicates whether the virtual machine is powered on, powered off, or suspended

Operating System

The guest operating system of the virtual machine

Guest OS Customization

Indicates whether guest customization is enabled or disabled on the virtual machine

Guest OS Password

The default guest OS password that is created when you create the virtual machine. You can change the password from vCloud Director.

VMware Tools

Indicates whether VMware Tools is installed on the virtual machine.

When you create a virtual machine in vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware Tools is installed by default.

VM Settings

The number of vCPUs and the amount of memory and storage allocated to the virtual machine.

VM Networks

The networks to which the virtual machine is connected, if any, the type of those networks, and the IP addresses of the virtual machine.