You are the administrator of a vSphere-based virtual data center. You want to run test workloads for one of your engineering departments in a public cloud while keeping production workloads in your on-premise data center. However, you want to manage the test virtual machines from the same user interface that you use to manage your on-premise virtual machines.

You purchase resources in the vCloud Hybrid Service Virtual Private Cloud service. Then you install the vCloud Hybrid Service plug-in in vSphere Web Client. This allows you to use the vSphere Web Client to manage both your on-premise virtual machines and your test machines in vCloud Hybrid Service.

Using the vCloud Hybrid Service Plug-in
vchs Plugin


Get a vCloud Hybrid Service account and purchase resources in the Virtual Private Cloud service.


Install the vCloud Hybrid Service plug-in in the vSphere Web Client.


Register your vCloud Hybrid Service account with the plug-in.


View your Virtual Private Cloud instance in the plug-in.


Create virtual machines from templates and connect them to networks.


Manage your virtual machines in the vCloud Hybrid Service from the vSphere Web Client.