You can view a list of the networks in a virtual data center. For each network, you can view details such as its type, private IP address range, and the number of virtual machines connected to it. For gateway networks, you can also view information about the gateway to which the network is connected, such the default gateway IP address.

You cannot create additional networks in the vCloud Hybrid Service plug-in. If you need additional networks, create them in the vCloud Hybrid Service portal. See the VMware vCloud Hybrid Service User's Guide for information.


Display the virtual data center whose networks you want to view.


In the vCloud Hybrid Service Home page, click Cloud Instances in the left pane, and select the cloud instance that contains the virtual data center.


Click the Related Objects tab, and click the Virtual Data Centers tab.


Double-click the virtual data center that contains the gateway.


In the Related Objects tab, click the Gateways tab, and double-click a gateway.


Click the Related Objects tab to view the networks.


Double-click a network to view its details.