After you install the vCloud Hybrid Service plug-in, register your vCloud Hybrid Service account with the plug-in to manage your vCloud Hybrid Service cloud resources in the vSphere Web Client.

You have the user name and password for your vCloud Hybrid Service account. You must have an administrator user role. You cannot use the plug-in with an End User role.


In the plug-in, the privileges associated with a user name are identical to the privileges associated with that user name in vCloud Hybrid Service.


In the Home page of the vSphere Web Client, under Inventories, click the vCloud Hybrid Service icon (vCloud Hybrid Service).


Click the Summary tab.


Click Register vCloud Hybrid Service account.


In the Register vCHS Account dialog box, complete the following information.



vCHS Server

The URL of the vCloud Hybrid Service server:

User Name

Your user name for the vCloud Hybrid Service. Specify your full email address, for example,


Your password for the vCloud Hybrid Service.

Proxy Settings

If your vSphere installation goes through a proxy server to access the Internet, click Proxy Settings, complete the following information, and click OK.

The IP address of the proxy server and the port on which it runs.

The user name and password for the proxy server, if it requires authentication.


Click OK.

All cloud instances associated with your vCloud Hybrid Service account are displayed. You can view all your Dedicated Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud instances.