In the 1.0 release, some tasks that are available in the vCloud Hybrid Service portal are not available in the plug-in. You must perform these tasks in the portal.

Differences between the Plug-in and Portal

Tasks that are unavailable in plug-in


Creating or editing user roles

Adding users to a virtual data center

Creating additional networks

Virtual data centers have a gateway network (also referred to as a routed network) and an isolated network by default. To create additional networks, use the portal.

Configuring gateway and network services such as firewall and NAT

Setting backup services for virtual machines

Viewing by region

In the plug-in, you can view the list of cloud instances to see the region to which each instance belongs.

Selecting storage profiles

Storage profiles are not listed in the plug-in. Templates are always deployed with the default storage profile.


As new features are added to vCloud Hybrid Service, there might be additional vCloud Hybrid Service features that are not available in the plug-in.