You can edit the network assignment of a virtual machine to connect it to a network, change its network, or connect it to additional networks. You must power off the virtual machine before you can edit its network assignment.

All the networks in the virtual data center are listed. Virtual data centers have isolated and gateway networks. To get connectivity to the Internet and to use networking services such as NAT or firewall, connect the virtual machine to a gateway network.

When you connect the virtual machine to a network, it is assigned an IP address from the network's predefined private IP address pool.

The virtual machine is powered off.

You have virtual infrastructure administrator privileges or end user privileges.


Display the virtual machine.


In the vCloud Hybrid Service Home page, click Cloud Instances and double-click the cloud instance that contains the virtual machine.


In the Related Objects tab, click the Virtual Machines tab.

All virtual machines in the cloud instance are displayed.

You can customize your view by setting filters and hiding or selecting columns.


Double-click the virtual machine.

The virtual machine details appear. Under VM Networks, you can view the networks to which the virtual machine is currently connected.


If the virtual machine is powered on, power it off by selecting Power Off from the Actions menu.


Under VM Networks, click Edit Network Settings.


Select the networks to which you want to connect the virtual machine, and click OK.


Power on the virtual machine by selecting Power On from the Actions menu.