A Catalog object includes links that implement copy and move operations for the catalog items it contains.

To copy or move a catalog item from a source catalog to a target catalog, POST a CopyOrMoveCatalogItemParams element that contains a reference to the catalog item to move to the copy or move link of the target catalog.

Verify that you are logged in as a user with the Catalog Author role, as an organization administrator of the organization that owns the catalog, or as a system administrator.

Verify that the target catalog does not have an external subscription.


Retrieve the XML representation of the source catalog.

Use a request like this one:

GET https://vcloud.example.com/api/catalog/32

Examine the Catalog element to find the CatalogItem elements it contains.

Each CatalogItem in the CatalogItems container has name, type, and href attributes. If you need more information about a catalog item, you can retrieve it with a GET request to the URL in its href attribute.


Retrieve the XML representation of the target catalog.


Examine the Catalog element to find the copy and move links it contains.

These links have the following form:

   href="https://vcloud.example.com/api/catalog/44/action/copy" />
   href="https://vcloud.example.com/api/catalog/44/action/move" />

Create a CopyOrMoveCatalogItemParams element that specifies the catalog item in the Source element.

See Example: Copy a Catalog Item.


POST the CopyOrMoveCatalogItemParams to the appropriate link from the target catalog.



Copy the Catalog Item

POST the CopyOrMoveCatalogItemParams to the rel="copy" link.

Move the Catalog Item

POST the CopyOrMoveCatalogItemParams to the rel="move" link.

This request copies the catalog item shown in Example: Retrieve a Catalog Item to another catalog. The response is a Task.


POST https://vcloud.example.com/api/catalog/44/action/copy
Content-Type: application/vnd.vmware.vcloud.copyOrMoveCatalogItemParams+xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   name="Ubuntu 10.04 Template">
   <Description>Reference copy of Ubuntu FTP Server</Description>
      href="https://vcloud.example.com/api/catalogItem/221" />


202 Accepted
Content-Type: application/vnd.vmware.vcloud.task+xml
<Task ... operation="Copying Virtual Application Template Ubuntu 10.04 Template" ...>