An organization administrator or system administrator can take control of a user's vApps, media, and catalogs.

When an administrator retrieves a User element, it contains a link that the administrator can use to take ownership of that user's vApps, media, and catalogs. This action is typically required when a user leaves the organization and an administrator needs to transfer ownership of that user's objects to other users.

Verify that you are logged in to the vCloud API as an organization administrator or system administrator.


Retrieve the XML representation of the user.

Use a request like this one:


Examine the response to find the link where rel="takeOwnership".

   href="" ... >

Make a POST request to the URL in the href value of that link.


The response is empty (204 No Content).

All vApps, media, and catalogs that belonged to the user now belong to the administrator who made the request.