This edition of the vCloud API Programming Guide provides information about version 5.6 of the vCloud API.

VMware provides many different APIs and SDKs for applications and goals. This guide provides information about the vCloud API for developers who are interested in creating RESTful clients of VMware vCloud Director.

The vCloud API Programming Guide is revised with each release of the product or when necessary. A revised version can contain minor or major changes.

Revision History

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API Version 5.6


API Version 5.5


API Version 5.1


API Version 1.5


API Version 1.0


API Version 0.9

This guide is intended for software developers who are building VMware Ready Cloud Services, including interactive clients of VMware vCloud Director. This guide discusses Representational State Transfer (REST) and RESTful programming conventions, the Open Virtualization Format Specification, and VMware Virtual machine technology. You must be familiar with these and other widely deployed technologies such as XML, HTTP, and the Windows or Linux operating system.

The vCloud API Schema Reference includes reference material for all elements, types, queries, and operations in the vCloud API. It also includes the schema definition files. The schema reference is available in HTML format in the vCloud Director documentation center.

The VMware vCloud Director Administrator's Guide and VMware vCloud Director User’s Guide contain detailed information about many of the objects and operations referred to in this guide. Most users of the vCloud API will find the information in those documents valuable when developing client applications. To access the current versions of these and other VMware publications, go to