An extension service can create Task objects in a vCloud Director organization, and can post events to the organization's event stream.

Tasks and events are created in the context of an organization. Each task or event is associated with exactly one user, who must be a system administrator or a member of the organization in which the task or event is created. Tasks and events can also have an owner, which is a reference to the subject of the task or event (for example, an object being created or updated by a task).

vCloud Director native services typically create Task objects to track the progress of asynchronous events. These objects are returned to clients as Task elements, which can be embedded in a container that represents an object under construction, or simply returned in Task form.

Tasks are also reported in the organization's event stream. A service can also add its own events to this stream, in addition to the ones added as a side-effect of creating a task.

Extension services act as vCloud API clients when creating tasks and events, even if those tasks and events are created to track service-specific objects or operations. After a task is created in vCloud Director, an extension service can use its AMQP connection to vCloud Director to return a Task as the response, or part of the response, to a client request.

Message strings included in tasks and events can be localized. See Localization Framework for Extension Services.