Recovering a virtual machine shuts down the virtual machine at your source site (if possible) and recovers it in the cloud. During recovery, all replication activity is stopped.

You have the correct user permissions to recover the virtual machine to the cloud. See Assign a User to the Roles for Disaster Recovery for information.

If possible, meet these prerequisites:

Verify that you tested the recovery before recovering the virtual machine to the cloud.

Verify that you cannot run a planned migration from your source site.

See Migrate a Virtual Machine to Cloud in vSphere Replication 5.6 for Disaster Recovery to Cloud for information about planned migration from your source site.

Contact VMware Global Support Services and declare a disaster prior to recovering your virtual machines.


In the Dashboard tab, click the virtual data center that is enabled for disaster recovery.


Click the Virtual Machine tab.

The table of virtual machines appears.


Select the virtual machine that you want to recover.


From the menu, click Recovery.

The confirmation dialog box appears.


Click Continue.

Recovering the virtual machine has the following result:

In the Virtual Machine tab, the Recovery Status changes from Placeholder or Test to Recovered.

Connects the virtual machine to the production network.

Powers on the virtual machine in the cloud.

After you recover a virtual machine to the cloud, it has the same capabilities that the virtual machine had at the source site. You can access and operate your virtual machine recovered to the cloud for the time periods listed in Lease Times for Tests and Recoveries.