Run this workflow to recover your production virtual machines from your source site to vCloud Air. When possible, VMware recommends you test the recovery before running the recovery.

You can recover a virtual machine by using vCloud Air when your source site is no longer accessible. You might be able to begin a recovery from your source site by using your local vSphere Web Client; for example, you have sufficient warning of an outage and still have access to your local vSphere Web Client so that you can run a planned migration.

For information about recovering virtual machines to the cloud by using planned migration, see What Happens During a Planned Migration in vSphere Replication 5.6 for Disaster Recovery to Cloud.

When you recover a virtual machine from your source site to vCloud Air, the production state of the virtual machine represents a point in time before the outage. Data accumulated after the last replication to vCloud Air and before the recovery is not available in the cloud.

Recovering a virtual machine to vCloud Air stops replication from the source site.