The gateway provides a Domain Name System (DNS) server to networks within vCloud Air. You can choose to use the DNS services provided by the gateway or you can specify an alternate DNS server. If you choose to use the gateway DNS service, DNS relay must be pre-configured on the gateway.

You can configure external DNS servers to which the gateway can relay name resolution requests from clients. When an external DNS server is configured, the gateway relays client application requests to the DNS servers to fully resolve a network name and cache the response from the servers.

To configure DNS for your virtual machines in vCloud Air, update the default DNS settings in vCloud Director. Access the DNS settings in vCloud Director by navigating from vCloud Air to the following area of vCloud Director:

vCloud Air Dashboard > click the virtual data center > Networks tab > Manage in vCloud Director > vCloud Director Administration tab > Org VDC Networks tab > select the network, right-click and choose Properties > Network Specification tab

See Modify an Organization Virtual Datacenter Network DNS Settings in vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide for information.


If the DNS settings on a DHCP-enabled gateway are changed, the gateway no longer provides DHCP services. To correct this issue, disable and re-enable DHCP on the gateway. For information about enabling DHCP, see the following documentation:

DHCP in this guide

Configure DHCP for an Edge Gateway in vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide

See “Deploy Directory and DNS Services” in VMware vCloud Air Solution Brief for additional information about configuring DNS for vCloud Air networks.