Customers work with a network service provider or a data center owner to set up an end-to-end private connection to vCloud Air.

Direct Connect supports two dedicated connection options:

Connections for customers who want to connect to vCloud Air from remote locations, for example to extend their MPLS connections to vCloud Air for long distance WAN connectivity

Connections for customers who have a presence in the same data center as vCloud Air and want to cross connect to vCloud Air within that data center

Logical Private WAN Connectivity

You can set up your direct network connection to use an end-to-end virtual circuit from your premises.

The type of connection and bandwidth you provision from your site (such as a colocation facility, headquarters, or branch office) to the data center in which vCloud Air is located depends on the capabilities and service catalog from the network service provider you choose to provide the connectivity. For example, you might choose the following technologies to implement your private WAN connection:

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

Your network service provider (or telecommunications partner) manages this connection. The connection bridges your customer premises to your network service provider’s terminating switch in the data center where vCloud Air is located. Your network service provider is responsible for patching the connection to a port on the vCloud Air switch in the data center Meet Me Room (MMR) or to the carrier termination device, such as the main distribution frame (MDF) for the data center.

Intra Data Center Cross Connect

You can set up your direct network connection to use an intra data center cross connect. Cross connect provides directly connected network circuits between your existing pod in the data center and the vCloud Air service in the same facility. Using an intra data center cross connect allows you to connect two physically isolated organizations within the same data canter; specifically, your customer cage and the vCloud Air infrastructure.

VMware provides one or more access ports for your cage in the data center where you access your vCloud Air service. Cross connect is a point-to-point connection that does not use your network service provider's equipment to route traffic.

For both connection options, the connection from your equipment to vCloud Air has distinct areas of responsibility:

External to vCloud Air: the connection from your customer location to the vCloud Air connection point, such as the vCloud Air switch in the Meet Me Room within the data center

Internal to vCloud Air: the connection from the vCloud Air connection point to your gateway for your vCloud Air service

Connection Components for Direct Connect to vCloud Air
Direct Connect Components

The connect from your customer equipment to the vCloud Air switch is configured as an untagged layer 2 connection (VLAN). Additionally, the connection is implemented using a single-mode fiber with a Lucent connector.

Within your vCloud Air cloud, networking is implemented using software-defined networking (VxLAN-based networks).

The following diagram shows the areas of responsibility for provisioning a logical private WAN connection for Direct Connect. Completing the end-to-end connection includes areas of responsibility between the customer, their network service provider (or telecommunications carriers), the data center owner, and VMware.

Direct Connect Areas of Responsibility
Direct Connect Areas of Responsibility