To change the default behavior for DHCP in vCloud Air networks, you edit the DHCP service settings in vCloud Director.

When you create a network in vCloud Air, DHCP is configured for vCloud Air in the following ways.

DHCP is configured for gateway networks in the following ways:

Disabled by default.

When you create a virtual machine and add it to a gateway network, you must explicitly set its IP address unless you have enabled DHCP for that network.

Configure DHCP for a gateway network by navigating from vCloud Air to the networking services for the gateway in vCloud Director:

vCloud Air Dashboard > Gateway tab > click the gateway > Manage Advanced Gateway Settings > vCloud Director Administration page > Edge Gateways tab > select the gateway, right-click and choose Edge Gateway Services > DHCP tab

Enable and configure DHCP for a gateway network to automatically assign an IP address to a virtual machine when it is added to a gateway network. The virtual machine gets assigned an IP address based on the DHCP parameters configured.

See Configure DHCP for an Edge Gateway in vCloud Director Administrator’s Guide for more information.


Before you enable DHCP for a gateway network and add an IP address pool, you must determine a valid range for the IP addresses assigned by DHCP.

You can view the public IP addresses you have allocated to a gateway by clicking the Gateways tab from the Dashboard, clicking the gateway for which you want to view public IP addresses, and then clicking the Public IPs tab. The list of Public IP addresses allocated to that gateway appears.

DHCP is configured for internal networks in the following ways:

Enabled by default.

On an internal network, DHCP is the only available networking service (NAT, VPN, firewall rules, static routing, and DNS services are not applicable to isolated networks).

Assigned the private IP address range through

Has a default lease time of 1 hour (3600 seconds) and a maximum lease time of 2 hours (7200 seconds).

Configure DHCP for an internal network by navigating from vCloud Air to the Org VDC Networks tab for the virtual data center in vCloud Director:

vCloud Air Dashboard > click the virtual data center > Networks tab > Manage in vCloud Director > vCloud Director Administration page > Org VDC Networks tab > select the internal network, right-click and choose Configure Services > DHCP tab

See also Introduction to Gateway Services: DHCP in the vCloud Air Tutorials for the steps to set up DHCP for a network in vCloud Air.