After your network service provider provisions your physical connection, log in to the vCloud Air Web UI to view the details about the connection.

The Direct Connect network interface is the second external interface. The vCloud Air supports two external network interfaces.

Your network service provider has physically provisioned your direct network connection to the colocation center.

You have informed your vCloud Air Customer Success Team that the circuit to vCloud Air is provisioned.

Your Customer Success Team has confirmed provisioning is complete.


Sign in to vCloud Air with your email address and password.

The cloud regions page appears.


Click the region for which you ordered your direct network connection.


Click the Gateway tab and click the gateway name that you provided to your vCloud Air Customer Success Team to configure as the gateway for termination.

The details about networks associated with that gateway and the details for the networks appear.

You can see the status of the connection (such as, on, active, redundancy enabled, and failover state) and the speed of the connection.