After ordering a direct network connection, you work with the vCloud Air Customer Success Team to provide the information necessary to set up the connection within vCloud Air and vCloud Director.

When contacted, provide the following information to the VMware representative:

The name of the virtual data center that contains the virtual machines to which you will connect

Direct Connect connectivity option—logical private WAN connection or intra data center cross connection

Network service provider (or the data center owner when ordering an intra data center cross connection) setting up the connection from your customer equipment

Which type of connection you require to your virtual machines in vCloud Air:

Routed connection—a connection to the virtual machines that is routed through a gateway

Direct connection—a direct connection to the virtual machines from the outside network

For a routed connection only:

The name of the gateway for the virtual data center configured in vCloud Air

The gateway IP address

All your virtual machines in vCloud Air will use this gateway IP address for Internet connectivity.

The gateway subnet mask

IP Pool—Reserve the pool of IP addresses from the Direct Connect subnet

The IP address range to use in vCloud Air


If you have a Dedicated Cloud service and more than one gateway configured for the virtual data center containing the Direct Connect network, determine which gateway to use to terminate the Direct Connect connection. You cannot use one Direct Connect connection to terminate at multiple virtual data centers or gateways.


If you change or add IP address ranges in vCloud Air, you must update your connection provider so that they can properly configure routing to those IP address ranges.

You can provide a private IP address range to configure on the Direct Connect interface. The Direct Connect interface and the virtual machines connected to the Direct Connect interface can be configured with this private IP address range.