Using a direct network connection to connect your premises or colocation center to a vCloud Air location provides the following key features:

Dedicated and higher bandwidth between your premises or colocation center and vCloud Air

High-speed connections enable hybrid architectures ranging from secure multipoint networks to analytics applications that transfer large amounts of data between data centers.

Increased security when accessing virtual machines and cloud-based applications running in vCloud Air versus accessing your cloud through the Internet or by using VPN

When transferring corporate data and customer information, using Direct Connect provides increased security; for example, you require that vCloud Air appears as an extension of your MPLS network or as a secure access location on your corporate network.

Increased network and application performance due to higher available bandwidth

Direct Connect can be connected to a dedicated virtual circuit, enabling high-throughput and low-latency connections for performance-sensitive applications.

Potentially lower cost as the data rate to and from vCloud Air increases

Direct Connect allows multiple endpoints to share a dedicated link, simplifying the support of branch and remote offices within the same vCloud Air instance.

Increased flexibility

A high-throughput, low-latency connection enables custom architectures in which vCloud Air connects to specialized network, storage, or compute hardware and appliances. Using Direct Connect expands the ways companies can leverage the extended capacity of vCloud Air.

Built in high-availability architecture

Direct Connect is configured for high availability with link aggregation group (LAG) redundancy and redundant switches.