You can add additional internal or gateway networks to virtual data centers. Gateway networks can only be added to virtual data centers that have a gateway.

Verify that you have network administrator privileges.

This topic provides the steps to add a network for a virtual data center by using vCloud Air. For information about adding networks by using vCloud Director, see the following topics in vCloud Director Administrator's Guide:

Managing Organization vDC Networks

Adding Networks to an Organization vDC


In the Dashboard tab, click the virtual data center to which you want to add a network.


Click the Networks tab.


Click Add One.

The Add Network dialog box appears.


Complete the following settings for the network:



Network name

Enter a name for the gateway.


(Optional) Enter a description for the gateway.

Routed through VDC gateway

(Optional) Select this option to create a gateway network; create a gateway network when the virtual machines on the network need access to the Internet. If you do not select this option, an internal network is added to the virtual data center.


This option is only available when the virtual data center has at least one gateway.

VDC gateway

After selecting Routed through VDC gateway,select the gateway from the drop-down list. The drop-down list contains the gateways available for the virtual data center.

Network Gateway

Enter the gateway IP address for the network.


Entering a gateway IP address is required even when adding an internal (isolated) network because internal networks are dependent on a gateway for DHCP networking services. If you are adding an internal network, entering a gateway address in this field does not affect the network's isolated status.

Subnet mask

Enter the subnet mask for the IP Pool for this network. When you attach a virtual machine to a network, the virtual machine gets an IP address from the IP Pool created for that network.

See Allocation of Public IP Addresses for more information.

IP Range

Enter the IP address range for the IP Pool for this network.


Click Add Network.