When you subscribe to vCloud Air, you are given public IP addresses as part of the subscription service with both offerings. You can purchase additional public IP addresses at any time through your Subscription Services in My VMware.

Dedicated Cloud service—3 public IP addresses

Virtual Private Cloud service—2 public IP addresses

Allocate public IP addresses to a virtual data center only when you want to create virtual machines that need access to the Internet. When you allocate public IP addresses, they are reserved for the virtual data center.

In vCloud Air, you have three ways to assign an IP address to a virtual machine:

IP Pool: whenever you attach a virtual machine to a network, the virtual machine gets an IP address from the IP Pool created for that network.

vCloud Air creates pools of IP addresses by default on the auto-generated internal and gateway networks.

Virtual machines attached to those networks get an IP address from the default pool.

To change the IP pool for a default network, you must use vCloud Director.


Gateways in vCloud Air allow for suballocation of IP addresses from multiple subnets that are configured for a gateway's external interface. Therefore, when you assign IP addresses to a virtual data center or a virtual machine, the IP addresses can belong to difference subnets. For example, if you have assigned all the IP addresses from one subnet, while a second subnet is only 50% allocated, you can use IP addresses from the second subnet.

Static IP Address: configure a static IP address for a virtual machine when you create it or change its network settings.

Provides a fixed IP address for a virtual machine.

Set a static IP address for a virtual machine in vCloud Director.

DHCP: provides basic DHCP service for a gateway.

Part of the networking services for a gateway.

Change the configuration in vCloud Director.

You can view the public IP addresses you have allocated to a gateway by clicking the Gateways tab from the vCloud Air Dashboard, clicking the gateway for which you want to view public IP addresses, and then clicking the Public IPs tab. The list of Public IP addresses allocated to that gateway appears.

You can view the IP Pool configured for a network by clicking the virtual data center in the Dashboard > Networks tab, as shown in the following screenshot:

IP Pool Created for a Network

When you add a network in vCloud Air, you configure the IP Pool for that network, as shown in the following screenshot:

Creating an IP Pool While Adding a Network

See Add a Network to a Virtual Data Center and Add a Network to a Gateway in this guide for information.