Using Data Center Extension, you can extend your enterprise network to the public cloud (vSphere or vCloud Director), allowing you to move virtual machines from your private cloud to vCloud Air while retaining the same IP addresses and MAC addresses. Data Center Extension is a Layer 2 extension from your existing enterprise network to vCloud Air over a secure SSL VPN connection. Once you are done, you can consume and manage your moved virtual machines by using their same IP addresses and MAC addresses.


To use Data Center Extension with vCloud Air, you must purchase a VMware vCloud Connector Advanced Edition license.

With Data Center Extension, you can extend your existing IP address range from your on-premise data center into vCloud Air without the need to change your applications. Data Center Extension uses an SSL VPN between two gateways thus bridging the two sites; you are not running VXLAN over a WAN.

See the following use cases for using Data Center Extension with vCloud Air:

When you have licenses tied to MAC addresses

Your virtual machine applications have dependencies on IP addresses or MAC addresses

You lack DNS control, which prevents DNS updates

To avoid invalidating existing security rules or the need to re-configure access control lists

Data Center Extension has the following requirements.

Extended Network Considerations:

Extended virtual machines use the on premise gateway.

All network traffic traverses the SSL VPN connection.

Microsoft Active Directory Sites and Services:

The extended network is part of the on premise site in Active Directory.

DNS and Active Directory communication with vCloud servers traverses the SSL VPN connection.

You cannot split a network between sites .

vApp Limitations:

An extended network supports 128 virtual machines per vApp.

An extended network supports power operations for one vApp.

You can perform power operations simultaneously on all virtual machines contained in a vApp.

See Stretch Deploy a VM from a Private vCloud Director Cloud to a Public vCloud in Using vCloud Connector for the tasks required to set up Data Center Extension for vCloud Air.

See Data Center Extension to VMware vCloud Air, a VMware technical whitepaper for more information.