You can add additional gateways to a virtual data center after you create the virtual data center. A gateway provides connectivity to the Internet and also provides networking services such as NAT, firewall protection, load balancing, and IPsec VPN. Virtual machines connect to the gateway through a gateway network.

You can add gateways to virtual data centers in the Dedicated Cloud service only. You cannot add gateways in the Virtual Private Cloud service.

Gateways are created with a compact configuration and have High Availability enabled.

Verify that you have network administrator privileges.


In the Dashboard tab, click the virtual data center.


Click the Gateways tab.


Click Add a Gateway or, if the virtual data center already has a gateway, click Add One.


Type a name and description for the gateway.


Specify the number of IP addresses that you want to allocate to the gateway.


Click Add Gateway.

The gateway is created. You can click on the gateway to view its details.