Ordering a direct network connection to connect to vCloud Air is often necessary when you are using your cloud in the following ways:

You plan to run the following types of Web sites by using vCloud Air:

High-traffic Web sites with a database or storage on your premises

E-commerce applications with PCI Express compliance requirements

You plan to run applications in vCloud Air that have the following characteristics:

Are time-sensitive

Do not allow external access

Are regulated

Consist of front-end Web services that connect to back-end main frames

Are packaged and host internal applications

You have specific compliance requirements, such as requirements against using VPN ports or private connectivity requirements for government compliance.

You are running sensitive workloads where network traffic should not pass through the Internet.

Ordering a direct cross connection from your customer cage to vCloud Air in the same data center is often necessary when you have the following requirements:

You want to use vCloud Air as a capacity extension.

You require specialized equipment (such as hardware-based networking, routing, and security solutions, hardware-based application monitoring solutions, or specialized storage or servers) as part of your cloud-based application deployment.

VMware does not support customer deployment of hardware-based appliances for vCloud Air .

You want to manage your data (due to privacy or compliance requirements) but still have the data in close proximity to your applications running in the cloud. You require a high-speed cross connection between vCloud Air and your storage solutions (located in your customer cage in the same data center).