You can delete internal or gateway networks from a virtual data center. Before you delete a network, disconnect all virtual machines from it.

Verify that you have network administrator privileges.


You cannot delete any networks created for the Direct Connect feature. Networks created for Direct Connect appear as type “Direct” in vCloud Air. See Direct Connect for vCloud Air for information.


In the Dashboard tab, click the virtual data center from which you want to delete a network.

Alternatively, if you are deleting a gateway network, you can navigate to the gateway and delete the network there. Click the Gateway tab > select the gateway that contains the network you want to delete > click the Network tab.


Click the Network tab.

The list of networks appears.


For the network you want to delete, click the drop-down arrow and select Delete Network.

A dialog box appears reminding you to disconnect all the virtual machines from the network before deleting it.


Click Yes.

The network is deleted and a confirmation message appears at the top of the vCloud Air console.