When deploying a virtual machine from vCloud Air, the virtual machine is created without a network. A virtual machine without a network is isolated from communicating with other virtual machines and servers both in and outside of the service.

When you create a virtual machine, you have the choice of assigning the virtual machine to a gateway network or to an internal network. An internal network does not have Internet connectivity. Internal networks have an internal subnet assigned and an IP Pool range from which virtual machines can obtain IP addresss.

When you create a virtual machine, you have the following choices for how the virtual machine obtains an IP address:

DHCP: if you use DHCP to get an IP address from the DHCP pool, the gateway functions as a DHCP router.

Static IP Pool: by choosing to obtain an IP address from the Static IP Pool, the virtual machine gets an IP address from the range configured for the network.

Static Manual: you enter the IP address manually when creating the virtual machine and specifying the networking configuration.


To use the Static IP Pool or Static Manual networking options, VMware Tools must be installed on the virtual machine you are creating. You can use DHCP to provide an IP address regardless of whether VMware Tools are installed on a virtual machine.

See Allocation of Public IP Addresses for more information about how you allocate IP addresses to virtual machines.

For information about VMware Tools, see the following VMware documentation:

Installing VMware Tools in vCloud Director User's Guide

Installing and Configuring VMware Tools, the VMware Tools Installation and Configuration Guide