An AdminOrg element includes action links that a system administrator can use to enable, disable, or remove the organization.

This operation is restricted to system administrators.

Retrieve the XML representation of the organization. See Retrieve a List of Organizations Accessible to You.

To enable an organization, POST a request to its action/enable link.

To disable an organization, POST a request to its action/disable link.

To remove an organization, remove all the objects it contains, then disable and remove it.


Delete all of the following from the organization:

local users and groups




POST a request to the action/disable link to disable the organization.

After the organization is disabled, its representation includes a rel="remove" link.


Make a DELETE request to the organization's rel="remove" link.


You can make a request like this one, which adds the query string recursive=true to the Org href, to remove an organization that contains one or more objects as long as those objects are in a state that normally allows removal.


You can use an additional query parameter to force this kind of recursive removal even when the organization contains objects that are not in an appropriate state for removal.


The server takes the requested action and returns a Task.