Represents an Org vDC network in the vCloud model.
Media type(s):
XML Representation:
<OrgVdcNetwork xmlns="" href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string" id="xs:string" operationKey="xs:string"
        name="xs:string" status="xs:int">
    <Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
    <Description> xs:string </Description>
        <Task href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string" id="xs:string" operationKey="xs:string"
                name="xs:string" status="xs:string" operation="xs:string" operationName="xs:string"
                serviceNamespace="xs:string" startTime="xs:dateTime" endTime="xs:dateTime" expiryTime="xs:dateTime"
            <Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
            <Description> xs:string </Description>
            <Tasks> TasksInProgressType </Tasks>
            <Owner href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Error stackTrace="xs:string" message="xs:string" majorErrorCode="xs:int" minorErrorCode="xs:string"
                <TenantError message="xs:string" majorErrorCode="xs:int" minorErrorCode="xs:string" vendorSpecificErrorCode="xs:string"/>
            <User href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Organization href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <Progress> xs:int </Progress>
            <Params> ... </Params>
            <Details> xs:string </Details>
                <ResultContent> ... </ResultContent>
        <BackwardCompatibilityMode> xs:boolean </BackwardCompatibilityMode>
                <IsInherited> xs:boolean </IsInherited>
                <Gateway> IpAddressType </Gateway>
                <Netmask> IpAddressType </Netmask>
                <Dns1> IpAddressType </Dns1>
                <Dns2> IpAddressType </Dns2>
                <DnsSuffix> xs:string </DnsSuffix>
                <IsEnabled> xs:boolean </IsEnabled>
                        <StartAddress> IpAddressType </StartAddress>
                        <EndAddress> IpAddressType </EndAddress>
                    <IpAddress> IpAddressType </IpAddress>
                <SubAllocations href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string">
                    <Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
                        <EdgeGateway href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
                                <StartAddress> IpAddressType </StartAddress>
                                <EndAddress> IpAddressType </EndAddress>
        <ParentNetwork href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
        <FenceMode> xs:string </FenceMode>
        <RetainNetInfoAcrossDeployments> xs:boolean </RetainNetInfoAcrossDeployments>
                <IsEnabled> xs:boolean </IsEnabled>
            <SyslogServerIp1> IpAddressType </SyslogServerIp1>
            <SyslogServerIp2> IpAddressType </SyslogServerIp2>
            <ExternalIp> IpAddressType </ExternalIp>
        <AdvancedNetworkingEnabled> xs:boolean </AdvancedNetworkingEnabled>
        <SubInterface> xs:boolean </SubInterface>
    <ProviderInfo> xs:string </ProviderInfo>
    <EdgeGateway href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
            <IsEnabled> xs:boolean </IsEnabled>
    <IsShared> xs:boolean </IsShared>
        <VimServerRef href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
        <MoRef> xs:string </MoRef>
        <VimObjectType> xs:string </VimObjectType>


Attribute Type Required Modifiable Since Deprecated Description
href anyURI No always 5.1 The URI of the entity.
type string No always 5.1 The MIME type of the entity.
id string No none 5.1 The entity identifier, expressed in URN format. The value of this attribute uniquely identifies the entity, persists for the life of the entity, and is never reused.
operationKey string No create 5.1 Optional unique identifier to support idempotent semantics for create and delete operations.
name string Yes always 5.1 The name of the entity.
status int No none 5.1 Creation status of the org vDC network. One of:
0 (The org vDC network is not completely created)
1 (The org vDC network is ready)


Element Type Required Modifiable Since Deprecated Description
Configuration NetworkConfigurationType No always 5.1 Network configuration.
Description string No always 5.1 Optional description.
EdgeGateway ReferenceType No always 5.1 EdgeGateway that connects this Org vDC network. Applicable only for routed networks.
IsShared boolean No always 5.1 True if this network is shared to multiple Org vDCs.
Link LinkType No none 5.1 A reference to an entity or operation associated with this object.
ProviderInfo string Yes always 7.0 provider Info for the network
ServiceConfig GatewayFeaturesType No always 5.1 Specifies the service configuration for an isolated Org vDC networks.
Tasks TasksInProgressType No none 5.1 A list of queued, running, or recently completed tasks associated with this entity.
VCloudExtension VCloudExtensionType No always 5.1 An optional extension element that can contain an arbitrary number of elements and attributes. Not related to extension services.
VimPortGroupRef VimObjectRefType (v1.5) Yes always 22.0 A reference to a VIRTUAL_WIRE object that exists on a vCenter server registered with the system. Required on Create when AdvancedNetworkingEnabled has a value of true. Ignored on update, or when AdvancedNetworkingEnabled has a value of false.


CRUD Operation Description Since Deprecated
as input PUT /admin/network/{id} Update an organization network. 5.1
as input POST /admin/vdc/{id}/networks Create an Org vDC network. 5.1