The configurations applied to a network. This is an abstract base type. The concrete types include those for vApp and Organization wide networks.
Media type(s):
XML Representation:
<NetworkConfigurationType xmlns="">
    <BackwardCompatibilityMode> xs:boolean </BackwardCompatibilityMode>
            <IsInherited> xs:boolean </IsInherited>
            <Gateway> IpAddressType </Gateway>
            <Netmask> IpAddressType </Netmask>
            <Dns1> IpAddressType </Dns1>
            <Dns2> IpAddressType </Dns2>
            <DnsSuffix> xs:string </DnsSuffix>
            <IsEnabled> xs:boolean </IsEnabled>
                    <StartAddress> IpAddressType </StartAddress>
                    <EndAddress> IpAddressType </EndAddress>
                <IpAddress> IpAddressType </IpAddress>
            <SubAllocations href="xs:anyURI" type="xs:string">
                <Link href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"
                    <EdgeGateway href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
                            <StartAddress> IpAddressType </StartAddress>
                            <EndAddress> IpAddressType </EndAddress>
    <ParentNetwork href="xs:anyURI" id="xs:string" type="xs:string" name="xs:string"/>
    <FenceMode> xs:string </FenceMode>
    <RetainNetInfoAcrossDeployments> xs:boolean </RetainNetInfoAcrossDeployments>
            <IsEnabled> xs:boolean </IsEnabled>
        <SyslogServerIp1> IpAddressType </SyslogServerIp1>
        <SyslogServerIp2> IpAddressType </SyslogServerIp2>
        <ExternalIp> IpAddressType </ExternalIp>
    <AdvancedNetworkingEnabled> xs:boolean </AdvancedNetworkingEnabled>
    <SubInterface> xs:boolean </SubInterface>


Element Type Required Modifiable Since Deprecated Description
AdvancedNetworkingEnabled boolean No always 22.0 True if Advanced Networking has been enabled.
BackwardCompatibilityMode boolean No always 5.1 Compatibility mode. Default is false. If set to true, will allow users to write firewall rules in the old 1.5 format. The new format does not require to use direction in firewall rules. Also, for firewall rules to allow NAT traffic the filter is applied on the original IP addresses. Once set to true cannot be reverted back to false.
Features NetworkFeaturesType No always 0.9 Network features like DHCP, firewall and NAT rules.
FenceMode string Yes always 0.9 Isolation type of the network. If ParentNetwork is specified, this property controls connectivity to the parent. One of: bridged (connected directly to the ParentNetwork), isolated (not connected to any other network), natRouted (connected to the ParentNetwork via a NAT service)
IpScopes IpScopesType No always 5.1 A list of IP scopes for the network.
ParentNetwork ReferenceType No always 0.9 Contains reference to parent network.
RetainNetInfoAcrossDeployments boolean No always 1.5 Specifies whether the network resources such as IP/MAC of router will be retained across deployments. Default is false.
RouterInfo RouterInfoType No none 1.5 Specifies router information.
SubInterface boolean No always 27.0 True if Network is backed by an Edge Gateway subinterface.
SyslogServerSettings SyslogServerSettingsType No none 0.9 Syslog server settings for the network.
VCloudExtension VCloudExtensionType No always 0.9 An optional extension element that can contain an arbitrary number of elements and attributes. Not related to extension services.