Creating an organization involves specifying the organization settings and creating a user account for the organization administrator.


Open the New Organization wizard to start the process of creating an organization.


Provide a descriptive name and an optional description for your new organization.


You can use an LDAP service to provide a directory of users and groups for the organization. If you do not specify an LDAP service, you must create a user account for each user in the organization. Only a system administrator can set LDAP options. An organization administrator cannot modify LDAP options.


Every organization should have at least one local organization administrator account, so that users can log in even if the LDAP and SAML services are unavailable.


Catalogs provide organization users with catalogs of vApp templates and media that they can use to create vApps and install applications on virtual machines.


vCloud Director requires an SMTP server to send user notification and system alert emails. An organization can use the system email settings or use its own email settings.


Leases, quotas, and limits constrain the ability of organization users to consume storage and processing resources. Use these settings to prevent users from depleting or monopolizing an organization's resources.


Before you create the organization, review the settings you entered.