Create an organization virtual data center template to enable self-service provisioning of organization virtual data centers while retaining administrative control over allocation of system resources such as provider virtual data centers and external networks.

Verify that you are logged in to vCloud Director as a system administrator.


Open the New VDC Template wizard to begin the process of creating an organization virtual data center template.


An organization virtual datacenter obtains its compute and storage resources from a provider virtual datacenter. The organization virtual datacenter provides these resources to vApps and virtual machines in the organization.


The allocation model determines how and when the provider virtual datacenter compute and memory resources that you allocate are committed to the organization virtual datacenter.


Configure the allocation model to specify the amount of provider virtual datacenter resources to allocate to the organization virtual datacenter.


An organization virtual datacenter requires storage space for vApps and vApp templates. You can allocate storage from the space available on provider virtual data center datastores.


A network pool is a group of undifferentiated networks used to create vApp networks and internal organization virtual datacenter networks. You can configure a virtual data center template to automatically connect to a network pool upon instantiation or to connect to no network pool.


Configure an edge gateway to enable routed networking in organization VDCs created from the template.


Configure IP settings for external networks on the new edge gateway.


Add organizations to the virtual data center template access list to allow those organizations to instantiate virtual data centers from the template.


Provide a descriptive name and optional description for the virtual data center to use in the system and in each organization that has access to the template.


Review and confirm the settings you entered for the virtual data center template.