To remove an independent disk, verify that no powered-on virtual machine is attached to it, then use a DELETE request to delete it.

A Disk element includes a link of the following form, which you can GET to return a list of virtual machines to which the disk is attached.

   href="" />

There are also two queries that you can use to return a list of virtual machines, the disks connected to them, and the VDC that contains them:


Lists this information for Vm and Disk objects that you own.


Lists this information for all Vm and Disk objects in a cloud (system administrators only).


An independent disk can be attached to at most one virtual machine.

Verify that you are logged in to the vCloud API as a user with the vApp Author role.


Verify that the independent disk is not connected to any virtual machine.


Delete the independent disk.

Make a DELETE request to the URL in the rel="remove" link in the Disk.

The server starts a task to manage the events that lead up to the removal of the object, and returns a Task element that you can use to track the progress of the task.




202 Accepted
   operation="Deleting Disk (128)" 
   ... >