vCloud API Extension Types

Extension Types

Extension Types (130)

Type Description Since
AclAccessType Represents an access type in an extension service ACL rule. 5.1
AclRuleType Represents an extension service ACL rule. 5.1
AclRulesType A list of extension service resource class action ACL rules. 5.1
AdminApiDefinitionType Represents an extension service API definition. 5.1
AdminApiDefinitionsType Represents a list of extension service API definitions. 5.1
AdminFileDescriptorType Represents an extension service API definition file. 5.1
AdminFileDescriptorsType A list of extension service API definition file descriptors. 5.1
AdminServiceLinkType Represents a service link defined by an extension service. 5.1
AdminServiceLinksType A list of service links for extension services. 5.1
AdminServiceType Represents an extension service. 5.1
AmqpSettingsTestType Represents the result from AMQP settings test. 1.5
AmqpSettingsType Represents the settings for the AMQP broker. 1.5
ApiFilterType Represents an extension service API filter as a UrlPattern or a ResponseContentType. 5.1
ApiFiltersType Container for extension service API filters. 5.1
AuthorizationCheckParamsType Parameters for an authorization check request. 5.1
AuthorizationCheckResponseType Response to an authorization check request. 5.1
BlockingTaskOperationParamsType Parameters to POST with a blocking task action. 1.5
BlockingTaskSettingsType Represents the settings related to blocking tasks. 1.5
BlockingTaskType Describes a blocking task request. 1.5
BlockingTaskUpdateProgressParamsType Parameters to update a blocking task with a new timeout. 1.5
BrandingSettingsType Information used to customize the vCloud Director Web console. 1.5
BundleUploadParamsType Parameters for initializing an upload session for an extension service localization bundle. 5.1
BundleUploadSocketType Upload information for an extension service localization bundle. 5.1
CatalogSettingsType Catalog settings for this cloud 5.5
DatastoreType Represents datastore object. 1.5
DiskDatastoreType A pair of VM disk's instance ID and the datastore where the disk is located. 5.6
EmailSettingsType Represents system email settings. 1.5
EntityReferencesType Container for references to entities. 5.1
EntityRightsType Container for an entity and its list of rights. 5.1
ExtensionServicesType List of references to registered extension services. 5.1
FencePoolType Represents a network pool backed by one or more vSphere isolated networks. 1.0
GeneralSettingsType General system settings. 1.5
HostObjectRefType A reference to a host in vCenter inventory. 5.1
HostObjectRefsType List of HostObjectRefType elements. 5.1
HostType Read only representation of one host in a vSphere server. 1.0
ImportMediaParamsType Represents parameters to import media from vSphere. 1.5
ImportVmAsVAppParamsType Parameters to import a virtual machine as a vApp. 1.0
ImportVmAsVAppTemplateParamsType Parameters to import a virtual machine as a vApp template. 1.0
ImportVmIntoExistingVAppParamsType Parameters to import a virtual machine into an existing VApp. 1.5
KerberosSettingsType Global Kerberos settings. 5.1
LdapGroupAttributesType Defines how a group is imported from LDAP. 1.5
LdapSettingsType Defines the hostname and connection details for system LDAP service. 1.5
LdapUserAttributesType Defines how LDAP attributes are used when importing a user. 1.5
LicenseMetricsInfoType Report of License usage metrics. 1.5
LicenseType This is used by the API to update and retrieve site license specific information. 1.5
LookupServiceParamsType Parameters for a register or unregister Lookup Service request. 5.1
LookupServiceSettingsType Information that allows vCloud Director to connect to a vSphere lookup service. 5.1
MigrateParamsType Parameters that control virtual machine migration. 5.1
NotificationType vCloud Director AMQP notification in XML format. 5.1
NotificationsSettingsType Represents the settings related to Notifications. 1.5
NumericRangeType Range of integers. 0.9
ObjectExtensionType Represents a registered object extension. 16.0
ObjectExtensionsType The collection of registered object extensions. 16.0
OperationLimitsSettingsType Specifies default operation limits settings for all organizations in the system. 20.0
OrganizationResourcePoolSetType Represents a set of resource pools that back an organization vDC. 1.5
PortGroupPoolType Represents a network pool backed by one or more vSphere port groups. 1.0
PrepareHostParamsType Parameters for preparing an ESX/ESXi host. 0.9
ProviderVdcMergeParamsType A list of Provider vDCs to merge with the target Provider vDC. 5.1
RealmType Kerberos realm information. 5.1
RegisterVimServerParamsType Represents parameters to register a vCenter server. 0.9
ResourceClassActionType Defines the HTTP methods allowed on a URL pattern associated with an extension service resource class. 5.1
ResourceClassActionsType A list of extension service resource class actions. 5.1
ResourceClassType Represents a resource class defined by an external service. 5.1
ResourceClassesType A list of resource classes defined by an extension service. 5.1
ResourcePoolListType Represents a list of available resource pools that have not been assigned to any vDCs (provider or org). 1.0
ResourcePoolType vSphere resource pool information. 0.9
RightRefsType Container for ReferenceType elements that reference the predefined RightType objects. 5.1
RightsType Collection of rights. 5.1
ServerType Information needed to connect to a vSphere or a vShield manager server. 0.9
ServiceResourceType Represents an instance of resource class defined by an extension service. 5.1
ServiceResourcesType A list of extension service resources. 5.1
ShieldManagerType Represents credentials to a vShield Manager server. 0.9
SmtpSettingsType The SMTP server for email notifications and alerts. 1.5
StrandedItemType Represents the stranded item. 5.1
StrandedItemVimObjectType Represents a stranded item for VIM object. 5.1
StrandedItemVimObjectsType Represents a collection of StrandedItemVimObject. 5.1
SystemPasswordPolicySettingsType Represents the settings related to Password Policy. 1.5
SystemSettingsType Represents system-level settings. 1.5
UpdateProviderVdcStorageProfilesParamsType Parameters for request to add or remove Provider vDC storage profiles. 5.1
UpdateResourcePoolSetParamsType Parameters for updating resource pools backing a Provider vDC. 1.5
UpdateRightsParamsType Parameters for updating right collection. 5.1
UserEntityRightsType Container for EntityRights elements. 5.1
VMWAllocationPoolVdcTemplateSpecificationType Specification for a VDC template using the AllocationPool allocation model. 5.7
VMWAllocationVappVdcTemplateSpecificationType Specification for a VDC template using the AllocationVApp allocation model. 5.7
VMWExtensionType List links to extension operations and entities. 1.0
VMWExternalNetworkReferencesType Represents a list of available external networks. 1.0
VMWExternalNetworkType External network type. 1.0
VMWHostReferencesType Represents a list of available hosts. 1.0
VMWNetworkPoolReferencesType Represents a list of available network pools. 1.0
VMWNetworkPoolType Base extension network pool type. 1.0
VMWProviderVdcParamsType Parameters to create or update a Provider vDC. 5.1
VMWProviderVdcReferencesType Represents a list of available provider vDCs. 1.0
VMWProviderVdcResourcePoolSetType Represents backing resource pool set 1.5
VMWProviderVdcResourcePoolType Represents backing resource pool for provider vDC. 1.5
VMWProviderVdcStorageProfileType Extension representation of provider vDC storage profile type. 5.1
VMWProviderVdcType Extension representation of provider vDC type. 1.0
VMWReservationPoolVdcTemplateSpecificationType Specification for a VDC template using the ReservationPool allocation model. 5.7
VMWStorageProfileType Represents a vCenter storage profile. 5.1
VMWStorageProfilesType Represents a group of vCenter storage profiles. 5.1
VMWVdcTemplateBindingType A Binding pairs a Name element that contains a user-specified identifier in URN format with a Value element that contains a reference to an object. 5.10
VMWVdcTemplateListType Represents a list of VDC templates. 5.7
VMWVdcTemplateProviderVdcSpecificationType A reference to a Provider VDC. 5.7
VMWVdcTemplateSpecificationType 5.7
VMWVdcTemplateType A reference to a VDC template. 5.7
VMWVdcTemplatesType Container for VMWVdcTemplateType 5.7
VMWVimServerReferencesType List of references to vCenter servers registered to vCloud Director. 1.0
VSphereWebClientUrlType Represents the vSphere Web Client URL of a VIM object. 5.1
VcTrustStoreUpdateParamsType Parameters for updating the vCenter truststore. 5.1
VcTrustStoreUploadSocketType Upload socket for vCenter trust store. 5.1
VdsContextType Represents the collection of VDS Contexts. 5.1
VersionsType (extension/v1.5) Represents a list of extension service API versions. 5.1
VimObjectRefType Represents the moref and the type of a vSphere object. 0.9
VimObjectRefsType List of VimObjectRef elements. 0.9
VimServerType Represents vCenter server information. 0.9
VlanPoolType Represents a network pool backed by one or more vSphere VLANs. 1.0
VmObjectRefType A reference to a virtual machine in vCenter inventory. 1.0
VmObjectRefsListType A list of references to virtual machines in vCenter inventory. 1.0
VmVimInfoType Represents a vSphere VM information. 1.5
VxlanPoolType Represents a network pool using VXLAN technology. 5.1