After you receive the URL of your organization from the system administrator, you must set it up. On the vCloud Director Home page, click Set up this organization.

You are an organization administrator.


You can change the full name of an organization. This name appears in the Cloud Director application header when users log in.


You can add users and groups from an LDAP or SAML server to the organization and assign them a role within the organization.


Every organization should have at least one local organization administrator account, so that users can log in even if the LDAP and SAML services are unavailable.


vCloud Director requires an SMTP server to send user notification and system alert emails. An organization can use the system email settings or use its own email settings.


Leases, quotas, and limits constrain the ability of organization users to consume storage and processing resources. Use these settings to prevent users from depleting or monopolizing an organization's resources.