You can view the syslog server settings for a routed organization virtual datacenter network.

vCloud Director supports logging events related to firewall rules to a syslog server specified by a system administrator.

If an organization virtual datacenter network does not have any syslog server settings and you think it should, or if the settings are not what you expected, then you can synchronize the network with the current syslog server settings. See Apply Syslog Server Settings to an Organization Virtual Datacenter Network. If a problem still exists after you synchronize, contact your system administrator.

Verify that an external NAT-routed organization virtual datacenter network exists.

Verify that you are an organization administrator.


Click Administration and select the organization virtual datacenter.


Click the Org VDC Networks tab, right-click the organization virtual datacenter network name, and select Properties.


Click the Syslog Server Settings tab.